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What is HipoSwap?

HipoSwap is a high potential AMM protocol for token exchange implemented using CPMM. Besides the liquidity pool, two additional maker pools are introduced in each X-Y trading pair, i.e. the X maker pool and the Y maker pool. These two maker pools not only provide a new channel of single-token exposure for both buyers and sellers to act as market makers, but also increase the market liquidity and significantly reduce slippage for market takers.

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Reduce Price Slippage

HipoSwap is a high potential AMM protocol for token exchange, which provides lower price slippage and better market liquidity. If the leverage parameter is set to n, it can reduce the price slippage to 1/n of that in a CPMM model.

Save Transaction Cost

The HipoSwap protocol offers a new channel for the buyers and seller to act as market maker, so that better market liquidity could be provided by those large-volume traders who are not in a demand for immediate executions. In this way, market makers will not only effectively reduce their price slippage, but also earn trading fee rebate from market takers via providing market liquidity.

Higher Market Liquidity

The operation mechanism of the Liquidity Pool implemented in the HipoSwap protocol is consistent with the Uniswap protocol and the Balancer protocol, which can fully utilize the market liquidity provided by the liquidity pools in Uniswap. In order to incentivize market makers and liquidity providers, a governance token could be issued and rewarded to the liquidity providers as liquidity mining rewards.

Higher Asset Security

With HipoSwap, traders are allowed to retain full custody of their own funds when they are conducting any exchange. It is more safe. The HipoSwap protocol can be implemented and deployed on GateChain, Ethereum, Tron and EOS blockchain. Thanks to the advantages of blockchain technologies, it could provide more safe and transparent trading service.