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  • Paraswap
  • Pancake
  • Gateswap
  • Sushi
  • Mdex

HipoDeFi All-In-One's DeFi one-stop platform

Collecting and sorting out various DeFi projects and application data, providing users with functions such as exchange rates, wealth management income, and deposit and loan interest rate comparisons between different DeFi projects. Through detailed real-time data, it helps users discover investment opportunities and manage DeFi assets. Faster and better gateway to the DeFi world.

Automatic Price

HipoDeFi integrates a large number of popular DEXes and CFMMs to automatically help users find the best priced exchange ratios.

Wealth Management Analysis

Real-time calculation of key data such as yields and TVLs for various platforms and protocols (newly launched included), depicted on a user friendly dashboard for everyone to study, compare, and execute their strategies.

Asset Management

Track and manage your investments across various DeFi projects and protocols directly through HipoDefi’s innovative UI ~ with no added fees.

Quick Deposits and Loans

HipoDeFi also supports popular deposit and loan projects such as Compound and Aave, showing the best rates for each asset, allowing users to seamlessly deposit, lend, repay and redeem.

Project Calendar

A comprehensive project calendar that helps users keep track of hot news and upcoming projects in real time, making it easier than ever before to plan your investments.

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